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At La Sonrisa de Guille we need your help to continue improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. In addition to the specific projects, we have set up the Protector project to help us meet our monthly expenses and put your donation to best use. Currently the fixed costs of La Sonrisa de Guille are around 10000€ per month and we ask for your collaboration to cover part of them (2000€/month). In order to let us all know the status of the project, we have implemented a progress bar that will let us all know if we are reaching our goal... help us to complete it every month!

With this option, you choose the amount, the frequency and the method of payment, with the guarantee that your donation will go to an entity declared to be of Public Utility by the Ministry of the Interior. In addition, for this same reason, you will also be able to access tax benefits of up to 80% of your donation.

These would be some examples of tax relief (see the attached figure for more information):

  • If you donate €15 per month, it could mean… an €48 PER YEAR REDUCTION! (deducts up to €132).
  • If you donate €10/month, your reduction could be €24 PER YEAR (deductible up to €96).
  • With €20 per month, you would help us from only €84/year (tax reduction up to €156)
  • €5 per month could mean €12/year (tax deduction up to €48)

How can you help us?

  • if you are an individual:
    • Contact your company's Corporate Social Responsibility department to suggest this La Sonrisa de Guille (Guille'smile) project. In many occasions, companies launch calls for proposals where employees are the ones who present the candidatures for social projects, if this happens... JOIN THIS PROJECT WITH US!
    • Donate directly to this project. Contributions from private individuals are considered as donations and are tax deductible up to 80% (see attached image). As a thank you, your name will be published on our website and social networks if you wish.


  • There are two options for business collaborations :
    • Direct Donation: In return, your contribution will be made public on our social networks or website for a certain period of time. This option entails the tax relief corresponding to the attached image, in addition to being counted towards the requirements of the General Disability Law.
    • Sponsorship: There is the possibility of establishing a sponsorship contract between companies and La Sonrisa de Guille. There are different ways to do this, from periodic publications in our social networks to the presence of the company's logo on our website for a certain period of time. Contact us to study the option that best suits your company.

Helping so much will never cost you so little and don't forget that any amount, no matter how small, is of great help to us. Remember that:

"Many Little People,

Doing Little Things

We can change the world"

Donation certificates will be sent to the donors at the beginning of the following fiscal year, once the year has closed and the AEAT (tax authority) has been notified.


Make BIZUM to 06907

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