What do we do

"At La Sonrisa de Guille we manufacture, repair and rent scale models to be used for exhibitions, fairs, events, rehearsals or as gifts for clients".

"Our models are not only of high quality and low price, but also have a high social and solidarity component".

-Guille's smile-


What are we capable of?

"We turn your Ideas into Reality".

Wind Turbines, Substructures, Boats, Architecture,…
Miniature? Four meters high?…

"With La Sonrisa de Guille,

The Sky's the Limit".

At La Sonrisa de Guille we have a multidisciplinary team, our own manufacturing facilities and a network of external suppliers to address all phases of the process, from concept to installation.


Do you have space problems?

"In La Sonrisa de Guille we offer you a Renting or Renting service of models so that you can use them only when you need them".

Rental and leasing of models, long or short term, generic or with a specific design, storage, installation, maintenance...


Brand change? Repairs?

"We all know how expensive and delicate scale models are. That's why at La Sonrisa de Guille we offer you a Repair and Rebranding service".

If your company has changed its image..., if your models have seen better times... 

You don't need to make new ones. Contact us and we will offer you the best solution for your repair or change of brand.


We help you with the LGD (Old LISMI)

"La Sonrisa de Guille is a Special Employment Centre with Number CM/396. By contracting with us, you will be able to comply with the alternative measures laid down in the General Law on Disability".

ModeloCEE396 copia

Contact us to analyze your needs and find the best solution for you.


Make BIZUM to 06907

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