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Apart from the Social Economy model of La Sonrisa de Guille, another of our main pillars is the ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY. As part of this commitment, La Sonrisa de Guille seeks to reduce the impact that our activity has on our environment.

For this reason, from the very beginning it has been a priority objective of our company to install PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR PANELS. These panels would allow us to consume 100% renewable energy and we could even generate a surplus thanks to the large area available on the roof of our facilities. It would also help us to reduce our monthly costs. Unfortunately, the difficult economic situation in which we find ourselves makes it impossible for us to afford the cost of installing these elements. That is why we are asking for your help.

After asking for quotations, the installation of panels on our premises would cost 25431,08€..

How can you help us?

  • if you are an individual:
    • Contact with the Corporate Social Responsibility of your company, to suggest this project of La Sonrisa de Guille. On many occasions, companies issue calls for tenders where it is the employees who apply for the social projects, if this happens... JOIN THIS PROJECT WITH US!
    • Donate directly to this project. Contributions from private individuals are considered as donations and are tax deductible up to 80% (see attached image). As a thank you, your name will be published on our website and social networks if you wish.


  • There are two options for business collaborations :
    • Direct Donation: In return, your contribution will be made public on our social networks or website for a certain period of time. This option entails the deductions corresponding to the attached image, as well as counting towards the requirements of the General Law on Disability.
    • Sponsorship: There is the possibility of establishing a sponsorship contract between companies and La Sonrisa de Guille. There are different ways to do this, from periodic publications in our social networks to the presence of the company's logo on our website for a certain period of time. Contact us to study the option that best suits your company.

Specific conditions of the campaign:

  • Our target amount is 25431,08. This would be the cost of a complete solar installation that would allow us not only to generate our self-consumption but also to generate our own energy. currentThe plant would not only generate electricity, but also a surplus to be fed into the electricity grid. In addition, this installation would cover the energy costs of the second building (currently a warehouse), should it be able to grow again.
  • Our minimum amount to be able to carry out the project is 12715,54€. With this amount, we would cover the costs of a minimum solar installation that would allow us to cover our current self-consumption.
  • This campaign will last five months, until 31 December 2023. If, after this period, the minimum amount is not reached, the money will be returned to the donors or used for other projects. as decided by each donor.

Donation certificates will be sent to the donors at the beginning of the following fiscal year, once the year has closed and the AEAT (tax authority) has been notified.

Don't forget that

"Many Little People,

Doing Little Things

We can change the world"

Hugs and kisses,

Guille's smile


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