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Let's talk about BUSINESS ETHICS:

If your company were in a sale process with a certain level of uncertainty and you did not have any liquidity, would you continue to operate normally, increasing the debt with your suppliers, telling them that there is NO risk and that they will collect shortly? …

I understand that it would depend on the risk assumed, but... what if said provider is a Special Employment Center for people with disabilities, to which said non-payment would lead to bankruptcy, leaving people without the possibility of joining the ordinary labor market on the street? Would you apply the same level of risk as the rest or would you prefer not to assume more debt with them?

Well, the first thing is what he has done Reby with Guille's smile. Increasing the debt, asking us to continue financing them, telling us that those who could hold out the longest would be the ones who would collect first, all under the promise that it would be solved shortly,... of course all this has been placed in the hands of justice but You already know how long it would take if the issue was resolved.

So, what can we do now? Guille's smile You have clients, new projects and orders, but ZERO liquidity. Banks do not finance us because we are a non-profit entity. Suppliers only allow us to pay in cash. Do we shut down and send home people who have practically non-existent chances of reintegration into the labor market?

The only thing that occurs to us is to ask you for help to have that liquidity that has been TAKEN from us. If you want to help us, you can do it in two ways:

-Making a donation through Bizum to 06907

-Becoming protectors by filling out the following form. You can choose the amount and frequency. You do not even need to have bank details at hand. By making a small monthly contribution, you will provide us with that recurring thing that we need so much:

Do not forget that the donations you make can deduct up to 80%. Any amount, no matter how small, is very helpful because:

"A lot of little people, doing little things, we can change the world".

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your help.

Hugs and kisses,

Guille's smile

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