EuropaPress Echoes Our Situation

If you want to better understand the difficult situation in which La Sonrisa de Guille finds itself, we encourage you to read and watch the short interview they did to us at the Escuela de Navales. Guille's Smile Asks for Help to Survive a Scam – EuropaPress TV Guille's Smile Asks for Help to Survive […]

New Project "Give Us Movement"

We present our latest campaign..., "GIVE US MOVEMENT" Apart from the obvious economic damage, the situation with Reby has meant that we no longer have a van at La Sonrisa de Guille. Having our own vehicle, not only makes us save on postage and facilitates the transport of our delicate models, but it is also a basic tool to take advantage of new [...]

We have a Copa América at Auction!

We have a new model up for auction, the CADE92 yacht. Model of the series of the First Spanish Copa América. Made for the 1992 challenge and designed by Iñigo Echenique. Remember that it is a solidarity initiative of CEHINAV to help us in these difficult times that we are going through. Go to the auction and bid on it. Remember that […]

Reby enters into Bankruptcy

After a few months missing from the face of the earth, we have learned that Reby has entered into Bankruptcy. A situation that we were waiting for in order to request the return of the unpaid invoices, but that we do not believe will allow us to recover the debt. Let's not forget that Limited Companies only have the obligation […]

Pep Gómez loses the trial

As reported by LAW360, Pep Gómez through its subsidiaries Reby INC and Restanca LLS has lost the lawsuit against the Canadian House of Lithium.

New Air Conditioning System thanks to ILBOC

We want to thank the company ILBOC (Iberian Lube Base Oils Company) for helping us improve the quality of jobs by installing an air conditioning system. Thanks to your selfless help we will maintain the right room temperature to be able to work comfortably whether it is summer or winter. Thank you very much ILBOC!

Visit to the ETSI Navales of the UPM

Impressive reception from the ETSI Navales of the UPM and the CEHINAV on our visit. We have seen the virtual reality room, the hydrogen laboratory, the engine laboratory and visited the test channel. Many thanks to our hosts Antonio Souto-Iglesias Antonio Crucelaegui Antonio Villalba Herreros Arturo Silva Campillo David Díaz Ramón Rodríguez […]

We built our first Typhlological Model

ONCE begins the construction of its new institutional headquarters in Madrid. On the occasion of the act of presentation of the project that begins the works, the manufacture of a typhlological model of the complex has been requested to La Sonrisa de Guille through Lucía Buitrago and Javier Martín de Arquitecsl. The model is […]

"In the mind of an engineer" by Álvaro Buitrago Álvarez

If you want to know the story of La Sonrisa de Guille, we tell it to you in this podcast from the sensational channel "En la mente de un ingeniero" by Álvaro Buitrago Álvarez. We recommend you skip the first half hour or more, as the guest is particularly soporific 🤣 . Thank you very much Álvaro Buitrago Álvarez, for [...]


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